Friday, January 13, 2012

Never Visit GunsAmerica Again

SayUncle put a link up to comments by a laggard from GunsAmerica about bloggers who show up to the SHOT show and how there should be a way to filter through, in his mind, those who are serious and those who want free stuff.

To say it was a stupid thing to say is easy. To take it further, what if manufacturers only started inviting "real" writers. Say people who have been published in print and belong to professional organizations like The Society of Professional Journalists or the Authors Guild? That would leave out most gunbloggers, period.

See, this is what happens when a small cadre of people begin to think they speak for the rest. It's the leftist issue all over again but this time from a gunbloggers point of view.

So who SHOULD gun manufacturers invite? How about who ever the hell they want to invite. Bloggers, writers, journalists...the bottom line is that many excellent gun blogs are only read by serious shooters so numbers mean little with respect to quality. They do mean something with respect to exposure so why not invite both?

I'll discuss it more in a very heated podcast tonight at 6:00 pm.


  1. where do you post your podcasts?

  2. Here. They are also on iTunes.

  3. Thanks man. Good luck with your blog, I'm following now.

  4. I've been blogging for just over six months now... I'm not sure how everyone found my blog, or who all makes up the 35,000 plus hits it's had so far...

    I do know I've gotten to know some really good folks since beginning the blog... and I enjoy it regardless of who reads it...

    Also, eceived a nice hat with a card directly from Ruger with Mike Fifer's signature regarding one of my blog posts and another fella said he had two purchases by customers referencing their products on my blog... but I don't do paid advertising at this point...

    I like blogging because I enjoy exercising my first amendment rights to promote my second amendment rights...

    As it says at the bottom of my blog, if ya'll don't like it, ya'll don't have to read it

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Gun makers should invite whoever they want. It is their dime after all.
    If I was looking to generate positive press I'd invite people who say nice things about my products. If I'm looking to generate feedback, I'd invite people that have the background to evaluate my product. In a perfect world with a perfect product, these are the same people.

  6. Elitism never helps anyone except the elitist, and sometimes not even then.

    Something tells me Paul will be realizing the full power and capacity of "nobodies" fairly soon now...