Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bashing Glocks Not Necessary

The amount of energy some people put in to bashing Glock is mind boggling. It’s as though they are obsessive about the Austrian designed firearms and can’t sleep at night knowing so many people find them reliable. They seem to search endlessly for any proof of a failure so they can go, “See, they aren’t perfect!!!!!”

No, the Glocks I own and love aren’t perfect. But they are the most reliable firearm I’ve seen in a long life of looking at and using firearms. By a longshot. In fact, it’s not even close. Yes, I own the venerable 1911, the M&P, the XD and I’ve owned or shot dozens and dozens more. No, none of them come close to the Glock for out of box reliability and this holds true for my military service, civilian shooting and elsewhere.

Glocks aren’t perfect and if something better comes along I’ll switch because I’m not a slave to a brand. Until then though I’ll stick with my Glocks.


  1. I've enjoyed the Glocks that I've shot. But not enough to make it my gun. I love the traditional DA/SA design. Get that makes me an old guy.


    1. I'm an old guy too. I love all of my guns but have to admit-the Glocks just work for me.