Saturday, January 14, 2012

More than One Handgun

When I was young there was only one caliber of handgun sufficient in my mind. The .45 was the Queen Victoria of my youth, the one constant, always there, forever to reign over all other choices.

Then the 9mm became popular only to be supplanted for a short while by the .40 because of a shooting in Miami. We then went very briefly to the 10mm before going back to the .45 and then back around to the 9mm.


Now we are in the age of the pocket guns, of various sizes and no doubt we will transition back to the .40 or .45? No.

Frankly we are living in an age where all of the above fit in their own respective place. And besides, better to own two or more of each.


  1. Lets see.
    9x18 Mak
    .380 acp
    darn no 45 ....yet...Looking....

    And could I forget my Mk II????

  2. I love all guns. Anytime anyone lets me shoot whatever they have, I get very excited and I always enjoy it. But to own,, I choose to only own a few, so I can put my money into ammo and training. Of course I have only been shooting for 10 months, so someday, I might be able to expand the collections.