Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast #11

Topics: Reader Comments, Every Gun is Great, Opining on CC Permits, You Aim Shotguns, a 1911 Buffet and more Gunblogging Goodness.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast #10

Topics: Para USA Purchased, Glocks Work, a Fiery Reply, Magazine Reviews Commentary, Email, Shooting Down the Hallway

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast #9

Topics: Starbucks Boycott, More on Paul Barrett and Glock, Springfield XDS Price, Daily Gun News Show coming, Range "Fashion"

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast Saturday Special

Topics: Ruger SR 22 Range Review, The problem with Rudeness, AR Platforms and Friends, Update on Gunbloggers Versus Idiots.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast #8

Topics: Anger over Bloggers Versus Magazines, Feedback from Industry People on Blocking Bloggers, We are Winning BUT..., Holster Site

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Serious Gun Podcast #6

Topics: Ed Brown fiasco, the People Want Guns, We Need To Educate, State of the Union, Tactical Polio

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I haven't posted in a few days because I have been working in Serious Gun Blog. I will be back here Saturday to do some updates.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Keep It Simple Gun Podcast

Wherein we discuss the wisdom of keeping it simple with firearms, accessories and ammo. In addition we discuss the new blog.

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Serious Gun Blog

Today is the first day for the new weblog. It's called The Serious Gun Blog and by the end of this week it should be updating constantly throughout the day.

You can visit at

Golden Hypocrites

When I saw people discussing the Golden Globe awards it reminded me of how little I respect the people who are nominated or win those awards. They almost always are hostile to freedom and to firearms but will think nothing of using a firearm prop as long as it makes them money. But of course they are anti-vilence....Yeah.

If they and the Taliban were to occupy the same four acres of land, I'd support that arrangement as long as the land was Afghanistan.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Serious Gun Blog, Glock 19 and Carry Guns

We discusss a new gun blog I've put together, the Glock 19 and differences between a carry firearm and one for home defense.

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Faulty Taurus Guns?

The woman who won a settlement from Taurus is now taking her crusade to the streets. She dropped her Taurus firearm and it discharged, critically wounding her. Now she carries a different firearm and is upset because Taurus hasn't changed the way it makes firearms.

"The Taurus gun company isn't going to tell the public that there's an issue with this gun. They are not going to do a recall, and they're not going to change their manufacturing process," she said.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

GunsAmerica Runs Aground

By now most have seen the Italian Cruise Ship lying on its side in shallow water. A horrific disaster reminding all of us that even when we think we are safely in deep water it doesn't take much to end up on the beach. Aground.

Such is the case with, an insignificant website which, like the afore mentioned cruise ship, is aground. No, not in water or bankruptcy but something far worse. is foundering in a sea of internet justice. Why? Here.  And Here.

Saturday Night Gun Podcast

We discuss GunsAmerica again and good old fashioned gun politics.

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More than One Handgun

When I was young there was only one caliber of handgun sufficient in my mind. The .45 was the Queen Victoria of my youth, the one constant, always there, forever to reign over all other choices.

Then the 9mm became popular only to be supplanted for a short while by the .40 because of a shooting in Miami. We then went very briefly to the 10mm before going back to the .45 and then back around to the 9mm.


Now we are in the age of the pocket guns, of various sizes and no doubt we will transition back to the .40 or .45? No.

Frankly we are living in an age where all of the above fit in their own respective place. And besides, better to own two or more of each.

What Is an Assault Rifle?

The term Assault Rifle is used by the media and anti-freedom people with regularity. However an Assault Rifle is a selective fire or fully automatic rifle of a short length to fire a less powerful rifle cartridge. It is issued by the military.

When you see this term used correct people if they are describing it incorrectly. For the record there is no such animal as a "Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle.

Friday, January 13, 2012

GunsAmerica, Idiotic Comments and Gun Blogs

We discuss idiotic comments, the difference between free blogging and what's advocated by some and blog elitism in the gun community.

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Never Visit GunsAmerica Again

SayUncle put a link up to comments by a laggard from GunsAmerica about bloggers who show up to the SHOT show and how there should be a way to filter through, in his mind, those who are serious and those who want free stuff.

To say it was a stupid thing to say is easy. To take it further, what if manufacturers only started inviting "real" writers. Say people who have been published in print and belong to professional organizations like The Society of Professional Journalists or the Authors Guild? That would leave out most gunbloggers, period.

See, this is what happens when a small cadre of people begin to think they speak for the rest. It's the leftist issue all over again but this time from a gunbloggers point of view.

So who SHOULD gun manufacturers invite? How about who ever the hell they want to invite. Bloggers, writers, journalists...the bottom line is that many excellent gun blogs are only read by serious shooters so numbers mean little with respect to quality. They do mean something with respect to exposure so why not invite both?

I'll discuss it more in a very heated podcast tonight at 6:00 pm.

Sig P224

Having seen the announcement over at SayUncle, I decided to look closer at the P224 and found some interesting variations.

From Sig's Site:

The P224 Equinox® features the same two-tone accented Nitron slide treatment as the rest of the popular Equinox series. A Tru-Glo® fiber optic front sight is paired with a SIGLITE Night Sight in the rear. Nickel controls and Hogue black diamondwood grips make the P224 Equinox as striking as it is reliable.

Homicides Hit Low Mark

Homicides are at a 50 year low in America but that doesn't stop cities like New York, Chicago and DC from wailing about firearms being the root cause of all problems. Sadly, the facts don't fit anti-gunners agendas.

“We sort of expected those trends would continue, but what grabbed us here was the drop in homicide,” said Robert N. Anderson, chief of mortality statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics.
He went on to say they don't know why there was a drop. An armed society is a polite society.

Thoughts and Asides

Thoughts compiled while making coffee:

  1. I have in mind a magazine that weakens when it is not loaded.
  2. If you had told me 30 years ago two guys named "Mitt and Newt" would be running for President I would have laughed. 
  3. Salt makes the coffee.
  4. When athletes are referred to as warriors I throw up in my mouth.
  5. If you dress like a mall ninja, chances are you don't know it.

Why Armed Defense?

One of the many reasons people own firearms is self defense. One should be able to defend oneself against an attack above the level at which the attack is launched. For instance, if someone enters an abode armed you will have to respond in an armed manner if you wish to survive in the vast majority of cases. Luck holds no promise for those wishing to survive, especially if luck is all you bring to bear.

When an assailant is large and the person being assaulted is small very often the only thing standing between death and the victim is their ability to respond one level up. The assailant has the advantage of knowing what he or she plans to do. The would be victim has no such knowledge and is at a disadvantage.

Properly utilizing a firearm in self defense has saved countless lives. Taking the right away from people is abandoning them to injury, psychological trauma and worse.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calm Gun Podcast Jan 12

We discuss the disappearance and reappearance of the blog, why blogger, why guns and friends.

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Back Again For the First Time

Welcome to The Calm Gun. A bit different than what I had originally started but after considerable difficulty attempting to get the old blog restarted I did what reasonable people often do - I switched to Blogger.

So be it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bashing Glocks Not Necessary

The amount of energy some people put in to bashing Glock is mind boggling. It’s as though they are obsessive about the Austrian designed firearms and can’t sleep at night knowing so many people find them reliable. They seem to search endlessly for any proof of a failure so they can go, “See, they aren’t perfect!!!!!”

No, the Glocks I own and love aren’t perfect. But they are the most reliable firearm I’ve seen in a long life of looking at and using firearms. By a longshot. In fact, it’s not even close. Yes, I own the venerable 1911, the M&P, the XD and I’ve owned or shot dozens and dozens more. No, none of them come close to the Glock for out of box reliability and this holds true for my military service, civilian shooting and elsewhere.

Glocks aren’t perfect and if something better comes along I’ll switch because I’m not a slave to a brand. Until then though I’ll stick with my Glocks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

M&P Picking Up Steam

Smith & Wesson is converting law enforcement agencies to the M&P at a steady rate. The latest are Vermont and Massachusetts. Here’s the press release:

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: SWHC), parent company of Smith & Wesson Corp., a U.S.-based leader in firearm design and manufacturing, today announced that it has received contracts from the Massachusetts State Police and the Vermont State Police for new duty firearms from the M&P Pistol Series. The Massachusetts State Police has selected the M&P45 pistol, while the Vermont State Police has adopted the M&P40 pistol as its new service firearm.  Both of the statewide law enforcement agencies have initiated the transition process and Troopers are currently using the M&P pistol in the field.